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How to Start a Small Business (101)

Entrepreneurship is a daunting endeavor, especially if you’re looking to start your first business. Everything begins with a promising idea to present to investors, but there is a significant amount of groundwork to cover before your business is ready to… Read more…

64 Small Business Ideas for 2021

Entrepreneurship isn’t always a linear path, but almost every entrepreneur begins at the same starting line with a small business idea. Ideating a small business is the first step in, well, running your own business. A little cash, willingness to be risky,… Read more…

What is a DBA? (Explained)

When starting and operating a business, there are many compliance issues to consider, such as business name and business structure. So, what is a DBA, and does your business need one? DBA stands for “doing business as” — document that links your… Read more…

How to Form an LLC in Virginia

The Commonwealth of Virginia has favorable requirements to form an LLC. The company formation process is relatively fast, affordable, and straightforward. Business owners who want to start a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Virginia must first select a name… Read more…

11 Business Plan Templates

We’ve created a series of unique business plan templates, outlined below, that you can download and customize for any business. Writing a business plan is the first step to establishing a foundation for your business. While many entrepreneurs write their… Read more…

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