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De-jargonizing LLC for new small business owners

At SimplifyLLC, we aim to make forming an LLC and maintaining a company in the US easy to understand.

What is SimplifyLLC?

SimplifyLLC is an independent publication providing a free database of legal help for small business owners.

Our mission is to de-jargonize and help people form LLCs.

From legal business help from accredited CPAs to business ideas and do-it-yourself guides on forming an LLC, SimplifyLLC is your go-to resource for simple, legal jargon-free guides.

SimplifyLLC philosophy

De-jargonize LLC. Legal jargon can be intimidating. We help you start a business by simplifying the terminology and giving specific examples you can follow.

Help form an LLC. We believe that legal jargon shouldn’t stop you from forming an LLC yourself. Our simple and easy-to-follow guides will help you create an LLC in your state.

Inform about the LLC costs. Starting a business comes with unexpected expenses. We diligently check all the sources and inform you about any costs associated with LLC formation and maintenance.

Find registered agents. Whenever you’re seeking legal assistance, we can help you find a registered agent to form an LLC for you.

Assist with document templates. Finding legal help can be costly and time-consuming. We provide legal document templates you can use to do it yourself.

Educate about marketing. When your business is officially on record, it’s time to take it off the ground. We teach you how to grow your business.

Meet the team

Our competent team of legal researchers, qualified accountants, attorneys, and entrepreneurs provide clear, expert, and actionable advice on forming and operating your own LLC.

Tomas Laurinavicius
Tomas Laurinavicius, Editor in Chief

Tomas Laurinavicius is the Editor in Chief at SimplifyLLC. He’s built multiple online businesses and helped scale companies with streamlined content marketing operations. His work has appeared in Forbes, TIME, New York Observer, HuffPost, Adobe, and BigCommerce, among many other publications.

Nikki Winston CPANikki Winston, US CPA

Nikki Winston is a US CPA who enjoys writing about accounting, tax, personal finance, and career advice. She’s also the host of The WERKin’ Mommas podcast, where she shares the frolics and frustrations of mom life. Catch Nikki on Instagram and Twitter.

Melissa Pedigo US CPAMelissa Pedigo, US CPA

Melissa Pedigo is a US CPA with more than 20 years of experience. She’s worked at Big 4 firms, for the government, and internationally. Now a full-time writer, she enjoys translating complex financial and tax topics into plain English. When she’s not keeping current reading IRS rules or tax legislation, you’ll find her studying foreign languages or playing tennis.

Charlotte Lauren JDCharlotte Lauren, Attorney

Charlotte Lauren is an attorney, freelance writer, and consultant. She enjoys writing on finance, legal matters, and budgeting. Additionally, she has a blog on how to save and make money online or through side jobs. Charlotte received a B.S. in Accounting, summa cum laude, and a B.A. in Philosophy, summa cum laude from Virginia Tech (2009). She then received her J.D. from the University of Virginia School of Law in 2012. She worked at a consulting firm and a law firm before becoming self-employed.

JD Wallace, CPAJD Wallace, US CPA

JD Wallace is a licensed CPA in Colorado and Tennessee. He serves as a Partner at Prescient Assurance LLC, which specializes in SOC audits. He also owns a consulting practice specializing in outsourced CFO services, tax planning, and IRS resolution.

Editorial guidelines

To help you along your legal business journey, our writers and editors are committed to creating honest and accurate content.

To ensure that our content is unbiased and serves our readers, we follow strict guidelines. All content is produced by legal experts and business professionals, based on credible sources, thorough research, fact-checking and regular updates.

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