Oklahoma Registered Agent Services: Top 8 Reviewed

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Hiring a registered agent service is a great way for Oklahoma LLC owners to fill this vital role. It maintains your privacy while meeting your compliance needs. Before you hand over this task, it's important to understand the differences in the best registered agent services in Oklahoma.

While many companies advertise lofty promises, some registered agent services will go above and beyond. We’ve taken a close look into the top options and are ready to share the details you need to know. After reading this, picking the best service for your business will be easy.

Let’s jump into our review of the top 8 registered agent services in Oklahoma.

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Requirements for an Oklahoma registered agent

Oklahoma law requires that every business has a registered agent. It is the official contact responsible for receiving service of process and other crucial documents.

The requirements for every Oklahoma registered agent include:

  • Must be an Oklahoma resident or a qualified business
  • Provide a physical address in Oklahoma (not a P.O. Box)
  • Maintain a physical presence at the address to receive legal documents

When forming an LLC, you will list the registered agent on the Articles of Organization.

Existing LLCs can use the Change of Registered Agent form to make an update. You can also make the change through the Oklahoma Business Services online portal. A $25 fee applies.

Top 8 Registered Agent Services in Oklahoma

Now let’s dive into the details for the best Oklahoma registered agent services.

1. Northwest Registered Agent (Our Partner)

Standing tall above the competition, Northwest Registered Agent is our top pick for Oklahoma registered agent services. It offers a superior package of services, unmatched customer support, and a streamlined online system. All at an incredible price.

Northwest Registered Agent holds an exceptional reputation for helping business owners. You'll be able to sleep well, knowing your registered agent needs are covered. Plus, you can reach out via phone, email, or online chat to speak with their knowledgeable staff.

As soon as you hire Northwest, they’ll send in the change form and pay the state fee without charging you. An Oklahoma-based team receives your documents and uploads them the same day. If you don’t open an important notice, they’ll reach out to make sure you're aware.

Bottom line, you can’t go wrong with Northwest Registered Agent.

2. Swyft Filings

Another top choice for registered agent service in Oklahoma is Swyft Filings. The company keeps customers happy with its formation services. It's helped start more than 300,000 businesses since 2015.

Swyft Filings charges $199 per year for Oklahoma registered agent services. In some cases, the charge drops down to $149. Like most providers, they’ll upload your documents so you can view them online from anywhere. It tackles the essential role and keeps you informed.

There are two areas with room for improvement when it comes to Swyft Filings’ service. It lacks the physical mail forwarding that some other companies provide. And it hires a third party to handle your Oklahoma registered agent services. While these may not be dealbreakers for some, it's good to be aware of these downsides.

3. ZenBusiness

Offering many packages to help start and maintain LLCs, ZenBusiness helps business owners thrive. The formation services sit at the center of its product offerings. But ZenBusiness can also serve as your Oklahoma registered agent.

The regular registered agent services from ZenBusiness cost $199 per year. Or you can step up to the Worry-Free Compliance package for $398. This includes annual filing, 2 free amendments, and enhanced customer support.

The documents sent to your Oklahoma registered agent will come through the ZenBusiness portal. It’s easy to navigate and read your notices online. If your business gets a legal notice, ZenBusiness will send it to you in the mail as well.

4. BetterLegal

BetterLegal focuses on a premium business formation package. For $299, you can get your Oklahoma LLC started. It includes getting an EIN and creating an operating agreement, things rivals charge extra for.

But to hire BetterLegal as your registered agent service in Oklahoma, you still need to add on another $90. You can also use this service without a business formation package. While that price is low for registered agent services, it's high when added to the $299 startup package.

BetterLegal also charges a fee to file the Oklahoma registered agent change paperwork. Or you can handle it on your own. Compared to others, this is a surprising hole in the services provided.

5. Harbor Compliance

As one of the best registered agent services in Oklahoma, Harbor Compliance brings a lot to the table. It’s a nationwide compliance specialist that can assist with all sorts of loose ends.

Harbor Compliance understands the importance of the registered agent role. You get same-day online access to any important documents your business receives. And if they receive a notice of process, they’ll give you a call to make sure you know. All for $99 per year.

If you want help with other regulatory burdens, they can step in. Harbor Compliance has more comprehensive coverage than almost anyone else. Whether it's licensing, hiring, or multi-state registered agent needs, you can depend on Harbor Compliance.

6. LegalZoom

LegalZoom pioneered online legal services, helping business owners succeed since 2001. As one of the most well-known brands in the industry, it can help with LLC formation and tax filings. It also offers Oklahoma registered agent services.

Once you hire LegalZoom as your registered agent, they take care of the paperwork. And they pay the state change fee out of their pocket. But once you see the $249 yearly price tag of the registered agent services, the savings aren’t so impressive.

It’s nice to work with a respected brand. And there’s no doubt you can trust LegalZoom to handle your Oklahoma registered agent needs. But by charging more than double the price of excellent alternatives, it’s hard to justify.

7. Bizee

As another company with wide-ranging startup services, Bizee brings entrepreneurial dreams to life. It also offers one of the best Oklahoma registered agent services.

Bizee usually charges $119 per year to serve as your registered agent in Oklahoma. It takes care of the SOS change form, but you need to pay for the $25 Oklahoma fee.

If you use Bizee’s help to form a business, a free year of registered agent services is part of the package.

Formerly known as Incfile, this company has helped more than 250,000 business owners since 2004. It has an incredible reputation. And the support staff impressed us with their knowledge during our inquiries. There’s a lot to like about Bizee’s registered agent services, especially if you need help starting up too.

8. Inc Authority

Specializing in cash-strapped new businesses, Inc Authority’s core product is a free formation package. And it includes one free year of registered agent service in Oklahoma. The only thing you’ll pay are the Oklahoma fees.

The cost of the registered agent jumps up to $179 after the first year, which is toward the expensive side.

You’ll also have to navigate some upselling during the LLC formation process. Some offerings can help you save time and get your business started quicker. But you can do others on your own in minutes, such as getting an EIN.

Inc Authority is a good choice for those who want to keep costs down while establishing a foundation.

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