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Top 6 Registered Agent Services in Massachusetts

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Before you can start your own LLC in Massachusetts, you’ll have to appoint a registered agent.

A registered agent serves as the point of contact between your new business and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

This includes receiving official mail (such as Service of Process) and other legal documents on your company’s behalf.

A registered agent can also help your business comply with state laws and regulations issued by the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, remind you about filing deadlines, and send you annual report reminders.

Staying on top of all this paperwork is crucial because failure to complete it on time could lead to severe consequences, up to and including the state of Massachusetts revoking your business license.

When searching for a Massachusetts registered agent, remember that in addition to being responsible and efficient, your resident agent should be trustworthy and dependable with sensitive legal information.

In this guide, we’ll go over who can be a registered agent and provide you with a list of some top-rated agents in Massachusetts to help you choose the right one for your business.

So, without further ado, let's dive in.

Top 6 registered agent services in Massachusetts

Now that you know who can be a registered agent in Massachusetts, it’s time to start thinking about finding one.

To make this job easier for you, we’ve put together a list of the top registered agent service providers in Massachusetts.

For each registered agent, we’ve included a summary of their services, their costs, and their physical address in Massachusetts.

1. Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent is our choice for the best registered agent in Massachusetts.

If you're seeking a reliable and trustworthy registered agent in Massachusetts with a good standing among customers, then Northwest Registered Agent is your best choice.

Along with comprehensive registered agent services, Northwest is well-known for its stellar customer support, high level of privacy, and painless sign-up process.

It also offers a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. If you aren't satisfied with its registered agent services during that period, you may be entitled to a prorated refund based on the fees you paid.

But the most appealing aspect of Northwest Registered Agent is its U.S.-based team of professional accountants, lawyers, and business owners.

These professionals go beyond essential assistance and use their rich experiences to answer questions about starting, managing, or growing your business.

If you're a budding entrepreneur, this wealth of knowledge and experience could be invaluable for your small business.

  • Cost: $125/year
  • Visit Website
  • Address: 82 Wendell Ave Suite 100, Pittsfield, MA

2. Massachusetts Registered Agent LLC

massachusetts registered agent service

Massachusetts Registered Agent LLC is one of the most affordable and efficient registered agents we’ve found in Massachusetts.

Unlike larger registered agents that might take days to notify you about legal documents, this resident agent offers same-day notice. In addition, it also promises to upload all legal and official notifications to your online account within minutes of receipt.

Along with the regular registered agent services, Massachusetts Registered Agent LLC will help you stay up-to-date on your filing deadlines and annual reports for free.

  • Cost: $49/year
  • Visit Website
  • Address: Pittsfield, MA 01201 Berkshire County

3. Registered Agents Inc.

Registered Agents INC. is one of the top Massachusetts resident agents.

Registered Agents Inc. offers registered agent services in Massachusetts and in other parts of the country.

Trusted by thousands of businesses, from conglomerates to startups, Registered Agents Inc. serves as the backbone of over 200 registered agent service providers around the globe.

With offices in every state, this registered agent makes it easy to incorporate throughout the U.S. without having to hire separate agents every time your business expands.

Most importantly, Registered Agents Inc. is on the ball when it comes to compliance. Its regular reminders about upcoming due dates ensure that you’re always well aware of and preparing for upcoming deadlines.

Plus, its online account system provides max visibility on all your documents, so you’re never stuck wondering what still needs to be filled out.

  • Cost: $200/year
  • Visit Website
  • Address: Pittsfield, MA 01201 Berkshire County

4. Registered Agent Solutions, Inc. (RASi)

RASi is one of the most reputed Massachusetts registered agents.

RASi is capable of supplying registered agent services in every U.S. state and the District of Columbia.

Beyond the usual registered agent services, RASi provides excellent customer service, an efficient online management system for all your documents, and customized notifications.

It also offers volume discounts for entrepreneurs who have multiple business entities operating in one or more states. Due to its national presence, RASi is a great choice if you plan on moving your business from one state to another or expanding to other states.

In addition, RASi can assist you with international registered agent services, including to jurisdictions like Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and even Canadian Provinces and Territories.

RASi’s single fee policy means it won’t charge you additional fees for multiple same-state agency listings, trademark registrations, fictitious business names (FBN), doing business as (DBAs), and other same-state registrations.

  • Visit Website
  • Address: 44 School Street Suite 505, Boston, MA 02108

5. Harbor Compliance

Harbor Compliance is an affordable and efficient resident agent in Massachusetts.

Harbor Compliance is a cost-effective registered agent service in Massachusetts.

It offers the usual services like giving you a street address for your business, uploading documents from state offices like the Secretary of the Commonwealth, and receiving Service of Process.

Its online user dashboard is easy to navigate, but the system isn't always smooth or bug-free. That said, Harbor Compliance does make keeping track of important legal and business documents more efficient with same-day online delivery.

This registered agent service provider isn't as comprehensive with its customer support as Northwest or the other top agents in the country. But if you're looking for a budget-friendly and responsible resident agent, Harbor Compliance is a good choice.

  • Cost: $99/year
  • Visit Website
  • Address: Pittsfield, MA 01201 Berkshire County

6. CT Corporation System / Wolters Kluwer

Wolters Kluwer registered agent service

CT Corporation System offers common registered agent services like maintaining a physical street address in Massachusetts, providing an online portal, and swiftly sending you your tax forms, annual report reminders, and legal notices.

It also offers extra services, such as name availability checks, qualification services, and incorporation services for an additional cost.

CT Corporation System’s offerings are relatively expensive when compared to other registered agents.

  • Cost: $337/year
  • Visit Website
  • Address: 155 Federal Street, Suite 700, Boston, MA 02110

FAQs about Massachusetts registered agents

1. How can I appoint a registered agent in Massachusetts?

To appoint a registered agent in Massachusetts for your business entity, you must file a request online or through the submission of forms with the Corporations Division of the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s office.

The name and address of your resident agent must be included in the paperwork you submit to form your LLC or corporation.

This means that you must select your registered agent beforehand and have an agreement with them that they're ready to serve in this role. The Massachusetts resident agent's written consent to the appointment will be required as a part of the filing.

2. How can I change my registered agent in Massachusetts?

To change your registered agent, you’ll have to fill out and submit a Statement of Change of Registered Agent/Registered Office form online with the Massachusetts Secretary of Commonwealth (SOC).

Alternatively, you can submit the form via mail, fax, or in person, with a $25 filing fee.

If you do the filing through the help of a registered agent service provider, then many of them might do it free of charge.

3. Can I be my own registered agent in Massachusetts?

The short answer is yes. If you would like, you can be your own registered agent in Massachusetts, provided you're over 18 years old, have a physical address in Massachusetts, and are available for business correspondence during regular business hours.

Note, however, that as a registered agent, your name and address will be available in all public records, and if you run your business from your home, that might compromise your privacy and security.

4. How can I become my own registered agent in Massachusetts?

If you're over 18 years, have a physical street address in Massachusetts, and are available five days a week during normal business hours, you can become your own registered agent by filing the requisite registered agent forms while filing for the incorporation of your new business.

5. How can I find a registered agent for Service of Process in Massachusetts?

We've shared our recommendations for the best registered agents with business addresses in Massachusetts. You can further search for other resident agents and check here to make sure that they have offices in Massachusetts.

6. Who can be a registered agent of a corporation in Massachusetts?

The rules for registered agents for a corporation and LLCs are the same in Massachusetts. This means you can appoint yourself, another individual, or a business entity as long as they have a physical address in Massachusetts and are available during regular business hours.

7. How much does a registered agent in Massachusetts cost?

The cost of Massachusetts registered agents varies from around $50/year to over $200/year, depending on the range of services offered, the quality of service, and the reputation of the registered agent.

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