Kansas Registered Agent Services: Top 8 Reviewed

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Choosing a registered agent can be an intimidating task. This guide is here to help light the way, making sure that your LLC’s compliance needs are well covered. We’ve created this list of the best Kansas registered agent services so you can choose wisely.

An LLC’s registered agent plays a critical role, serving as the main point of contact for official correspondence. It receives things like legal notices and tax documents. You want to join forces with someone reliable, without paying more than you need to.

Let’s jump into the review of the 8 best registered agent services in Kansas.

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Requirements for a Kansas registered agent

Having a registered agent is a requirement from the Kansas Secretary of State (SOS). The LLC appoints one to receive service of process (notice of lawsuits). They can also receive other official mail and notices.

Every Kansas registered agent must:

  • Be an individual resident of Kansas or a business entity authorized to operate in Kansas
  • Have a physical address in Kansas (not a P.O. Box)
  • Be regularly present at such address

If you haven’t formed your Kansas LLC yet, you’ll choose the registered agent as part of the LLC formation. The registered agent’s name and address must be listed on the Articles of Organization for Kansas LLCs.

If you already have an LLC, you can use the Change of Registered Agent form to update your selection. There is a $35 fee to file this form with the Kansas SOS.

Top 8 Registered Agent Services in Kansas

Now it’s time to jump into the review of the 8 best registered agent services for Kansas LLCs.

1. Northwest Registered Agent (Our Partner)

Thanks to its unmatched service and features, Northwest Registered Agent is our top pick for registered agent services in Kansas. It stands above the crowd and has a well-deserved reputation for excellence. All at a great price.

There’s no question that Northwest will keep your LLC in compliance and you informed of all important documents. But this company goes far beyond the basics.

It starts right when you hire them. Northwest Registered Agents will take care of the Kansas SOS change form. And it will pay the fee without charging you extra. It’s a seamless start.

After that, an in-house local Kansas team covers your registered agent role with care. Documents are uploaded to your online dashboard the same day as received. And Northwest will reach out if they see an important notice goes unread. This Kansas registered agent service has everything you need and more.

2. ZenBusiness

With a wide range of services for LLC formation and maintenance, ZenBusiness is a go-to name for many entrepreneurs. On top of its popular startup packages, it also offers Kansas registered agent services.

The online portal is modern and well-designed, providing effortless access to your LLC’s crucial documents. And if any legal notices come through, ZenBusiness will also notify you via mail. You’re not going to miss anything with this Kansas registered agent service.

You can get the normal ZenBusiness registered agent service for $199 per year. If you want to include annual filings, free amendments, and premium customer support, upgrade to the Worry-Free Compliance package. It costs $398 per year.

ZenBusiness also has overwhelmingly positive customer feedback. It has a proven track record of going to great lengths to keep everyone happy.

3. Harbor Compliance

Another front-runner in the lineup of the best Kansas registered agent services is Harbor Compliance. This company has a deep understanding of compliance needs, providing a high level of confidence to every LLC owner it serves.

As a registered agent, Harbor Compliance goes out of its way to make sure you’re informed. You’ll not only get same-day online access to any important documents sent to your LLC, but they’ll also pick up the phone to inform you of any notice of process received.

Harbor Compliance is a great choice for registered agent services in Kansas and across the nation. Plus, you can tack on extra compliance services for taxes, hiring, licensing, and more. Harbor Compliance is a one-stop shop, offering everything your LLC needs to deal with regulatory burdens.

4. Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings has an impressive history, helping launch over 300,000 businesses since starting in 2015. A 100% satisfaction guarantee showcases their commitment to customer happiness.

To hire Swyft Filings as your Kansas LLC’s registered agent, it costs $199 per year. Sometimes there are special offers that can cut the price down to $149 per year. Like many of the best registered agent services in Kansas, you’ll use a streamlined online system to view any notices sent to your LLC.

The main downside to Swyft Filings’ service is that it leverages a third party to fulfill the registered agent role. We prefer to use registered agents with in-house teams, avoiding an extra layer of risk. Swyft Filings also lacks physical mail forwarding. This could be far from ideal when you want to get the original document.

5. LegalZoom

With more than twenty years of experience, LegalZoom is one of the most recognizable names in online legal services. It can assist with LLC formation, help with tax filings, and serve as a registered agent for a Kansas LLC.

A nice feature of LegalZoom is that it will use part of your registered agent fee to pay for the $35 Kansas SOS change fee. You don’t have to open up your wallet again. And they’ll file the paperwork on your behalf. This makes it very easy to switch your Kansas registered agent to LegalZoom.

The total price is higher than competitors, coming in at $249 for one year of LegalZoom’s Kansas registered agent services. The brand name of the well-known company comes with a premium price.

6. Bizee

Whether you’re looking for help with forming your LLC or only to hire a registered agent service in Kansas, Bizee is another top contender. Formerly known as Incfile, this company’s roots stretch back to 2004. It has helped more than 250,000 business owners.

Bizee’s core product is business formation services, with a variety of packages to meet your needs. And if you purchase any of the LLC formation products, Bizee throws in a year of registered agent services for free.

The cost to hire Bizee as your registered agent in Kansas is $119 per year. If you’re changing registered agents, Bizee will file the Kansas change form on behalf of your LLC. But you will have to pay the $35 fee separately.

7. BetterLegal

A premium LLC formation package sits at the heart of BetterLegal’s offerings. It starts at $299. This price is higher than most, but it includes some features others charge extra for, such as an operating agreement and getting an EIN.

To hire BetterLegal as your LLC’s registered agent in Kansas, you’ll have to add on another $90. If you get this and the startup package, you enter an expensive cost above most others. But by itself, the cost of BetterLegal’s registered agent services is competitive.

BetterLegal does not handle the Kansas Secretary of State change form or fee. You can pay them extra to file the necessary paperwork or handle it on your own. This is a significant departure from what others include.

8. Inc Authority

For those looking for LLC formation help, Inc Authority could be the right answer. You can get an entire business formation package with a year of registered agent services in Kansas for free. The only out-of-pocket costs are the Kansas fees.

The catch is that Inc Authority is pretty convincing with upselling. While some items might be worth the extra cost, you can do some things on your own with ease, like getting an EIN. Also, extra years of the Inc Authority Kansas registered agent service jumps up to $179 per year. That’s quite a bit more than rivals.

You can find many positive reports about Inc Authority’s services. The free startup package with a year of registered agent services may be a good option for those looking to keep initial costs down.

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