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Delaware is a popular state for company incorporation because of its many unique perks. These include:

  • Well-developed business law statutes and a separate corporation court unit that handles all corporate cases.
  • Effective online filing system and fast application document processing.
  • An extra layer of anonymity for LLC members as you aren’t obliged to disclose all ​​owners’ names to the state authorities.
  • No corporate incomes tax for companies who are not doing business in this state but only hold a registered office address there.
  • Permission to incorporate a business as a non-resident — business stakeholders don’t have to live in the state.

However, one thing that Delaware has in common with other states is the registered agent requirement. Every Delaware LLC must appoint a registered agent with a local physical address in the First State. This requirement can be a nuance for out-of-state business owners. That’s why many choose to use a professional registered agent service instead.

Who can be a registered agent for an LLC in Delaware?

According to General Corporation Law in Delaware, any private person can be a registered agent for a Delaware LLC provided that they:

  • Are over 18.
  • Have a street address in the state (a P.O. box won’t do, it has to be a physical address).
  • Can be available during regular business hours year-round in case service of process notice arrives.

Business entities that have been authorized to operate in the state of Delaware can serve as registered agents as well. It's also worth noting that an LLC can be its own registered agent in this state. However, you must have an in-state registered office address in this case.

State of Delaware. Source: Wikipedia
State of Delaware. Source: Wikipedia

Top 8 Delaware Registered Agent Services

Ready to get relieved from the admin burden of business administration? Here’s our list of 9 professional registered agent service providers based in Delaware.

1. Northwest Registered Agent (Our Partner)

Northwest Registered Agent

NorthWest Registered Agent services are ideal for companies of all shapes and sizes. You can get access to customer support to help you tackle all kinds of business processes, and you will be able to trust that the team will handle all your documentation annually without issue.

All of your documents will be available in PDF form, and you will get notice if you receive legal paperwork that needs attention. You will pay a flat fee for all of the services that are offered by this company, and you will never have to pay added fees for services that you need to access each year.

  • Cost: $125/year
  • Visit website
  • Address: Dover, DE 19901 Kent County

2. Delaware Business Incorporators, Inc.

Delaware Business Incorporators, Inc.

This business specializes in registered agent services of all kinds. You can access many different kinds of services with the help of this team, and you will be treated to fair, flat-rate pricing for the services. You can also get the benefit of multi-company discounts for businesses that have many different operating entities that they are managing.

This company uses a virtual office setup that allows you to have a virtual presence in Delaware that gives you proof of location in the state. This is a team that knows registered agent services and business processes in the state of Delaware inside and out.

  • Cost: $100/year
  • Visit website
  • Address: 3422 Old Capitol Trail, Suite 700, Wilmington, DE, 19808

3. Huang Law LLC

Huang Law

This legal team discloses all fees and costs upfront. You will be treated to services to help you manage documents, legal correspondence, and more when you choose this law firm as your registered agent.

The team at this company can also help you incorporate your business and establish other important reports and legal processes that are essential to business health. This low-cost service offers a lot of perks that other registered agent businesses do not offer without added fees and surprise surcharges.

  • Cost: $100/year
  • Visit website
  • Address: 3513 Concord Pike Suite 3100, Wilmington, DE 19803

4. Registered Agents Legal Services LLC

Registered Agents Legal Services LLC

This legal team makes sure that you can get access to all of the various services that you need to make sure that your company’s documentation is cared for correctly all year long. You will get a notification when you receive legal documents that need immediate attention, and the rest of your correspondence will be forwarded to you promptly upon receipt.

This is a skilled and experienced company that can offer you affordable registered agent services that you can trust.

  • Cost: $99/year
  • Visit website
  • Address: 1013 Centre Road Suite 403S, Wilmington, DE 19805

5. Van Buren Financial

Van Buren Financial

From filing annual reports to handling mailings and legal notices to annual franchise tax processes, the team at Van Buren Financial can take care of your business needs with attention to detail and effective communication. This is a full-service business that offers access to experienced professionals during business hours weekly all year long.

This company has been caring for Delaware-area businesses for years, and they have the experience and commitment to make sure that your company is cared for correctly.

  • Cost: Request a quote
  • Visit website
  • Address: 615 West 18th Street Top Floor, Wilmington, DR 19802

6. Delaware Registered Agent Service LLC

Delaware Registered Agent Service LLC

If you want to work with a company that specializes in registered agent services, then this is the right company to partner with. This team will never upsell you, and they will offer you all of the registered agent services that you need for a flat rate charge.

You will be able to use the client portal to access state forms, and you will be notified if there are legal documents sent to your business address. This team can also help you with compliance documents and auto-reminders that will make sure that your company files all the right paperwork each year per Delaware law.

  • Cost: $50/year
  • Visit website
  • Address: 8 The Green Dover, DE 19901

7. Delaware Registered Agents & Incorporators

Delaware Registered Agents & Incorporators

The foundation of the pricing for companies choosing to work with this registered agent are packages that are tailored to your unique needs. This business can be a full-service management option for you, or they can simply serve as your registered agent each year for a flat fee.

Being able to track and receive your forwarded mail accurately is just one of the many services that you can count on from this business. You will be able to get annual reports, notifications about legal documents that require attention, and more. This is a great, affordable option for those who need a registered agent in the state of Delaware.

  • Cost: $75/year
  • Visit website
  • Address: 19 Kris Court, Newark, DE 19702

8. Corp 1

Corp 1 - registered agent services

This registered agent charges a flat fee and provides registered agent services that you can trust. You will have mail forwarded to you, and notification will be sent to you regarding legal documents that have been received. Your cost for this service will not go up over the years, and you can trust that Corp 1 will handle all of your registered agent requirements with commitment and attention to detail. You can also work with this team to get help with incorporation filings and more.

  • Cost: $125/ year
  • Visit website
  • Address: 614 N Dupont HWY, Suite 210, Dover, DE, 19901

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