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Registered Agents in Colorado

List of 10 registered agents in Colorado (2022)

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Colorado, the Centennial State, is home to many prospering corporations and small businesses alike.

If you want to join these ranks and form a limited liability company (LLC) in Colorado, you’ll need to mind the registered agent requirement.

According to Article 90 Colorado Corporations and Associations Act, all locally incorporated entities — LLCs, Limited Partnerships (LPs), corporations, and nonprofits — must designate a registered agent (also known as a statutory agent).

Being a registered agent for a company is a serious responsibility. It’s important to choose someone trustworthy and reliable.

To help you with that, we’ve prepared a quick explainer of local registered agent requirements, followed by a list of 10 Colorado commercial registered agent service providers.

Should you pay for a Colorado registered agent service
Should you pay for a Colorado registered agent service? Source: Wikipedia.

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Table of contents

  1. Who can be a registered agent for an LLC in Colorado?
  2. Colorado registered agent services list
  3. How do I appoint a registered agent in Colorado?
  4. How do I change my registered agent in Colorado?
  5. FAQs about Colorado registered agents

Who can be a registered agent for an LLC in Colorado?

The Colorado Secretary of State lists clear eligibility requirements for local registration.

A private person of legal age or business entity can act as a registered agent for Colorado LLC. In both cases, the appointee must have a physical address in the state — a P.O. box won’t do.

If you appoint another business entity, it must:

  • Have a usual place of business in Colorado
  • Have authority to do business in Colorado (if it is a foreign entity)

Unlike other states, Colorado allows the LLC itself to serve as its own registered agent.

You will need to name a registered agent in your LLC’s Articles of Organization, then update that information every year when you file your annual report (also known as a periodic report).

You must continuously maintain a registered agent for your LLC. Otherwise, you can lose good standing with the state.

Why use a professional Colorado registered agent service

A registered agent is in charge of receiving official correspondence and legal documents on behalf of an LLC or a corporation.

These include legal notices such as Service of Process and correspondence from the Colorado Secretary of State.

You can be your own registered agent in Colorado. But this approach has several major drawbacks:

  • Extra time commitment: You will need to constantly monitor important compliance deadlines and deal with extra paperwork.
  • Diminished privacy. Your business address becomes your registered office address and, therefore, a public record. You can be approached by process servers in front of your clients. Or receive unwanted solicitations to your home address if you list it instead.
  • Connection to the business office. You must be available at your registered office during regular business hours every working day of the year in case of service of process. Essentially, you can’t be absent for too long — travel, take vacations, or move abroad.

You can also appoint another private person as your registered agent, such as a family member, friend, or employee.

But then they will have to deal with all the issues above. In addition, they may not take their registered agent duties seriously.

You can get into legal trouble if a process server can’t find your registered agent at your registered office during normal business hours.

Benefits of appointing a commercial registered agent service provider

You can also appoint a commercial registered agent service provider as your registered agent.

Here are the three main benefits of doing so:

  • Reliable point of contact. A trained professional handles all correspondence addressed to your Colorado LLC. Then either upload scanned documents to your online account or send them to you via email. You don’t have to worry about missing anything important.
  • Privacy. You can keep your business address off the state records by adding a provider’s address. It allows you to keep a low profile and avoid any unsolicited visits.
  • Flexibility. Your registered agent service provider ensures that someone is always available at their office during regular business hours if a process server arrives. Meanwhile, you can spend your time when and where you please.

Being your registered agent is a hassle. That’s why many business owners pay professional registered agent service instead.

Colorado registered agent services list

Here’s our list of 10 professional registered agent service providers that operate in Colorado.

We selected top-rated companies with a stellar community reputation!

1. Colorado LLC Attorney

Colorado LLC Attorney
Source: Colorado LLC Attorney.

Colorado LLC Attorney provides LLC formation and registered agent services, as well as legal services such as estate planning and establishing trusts.

This provider might be worth considering if you intend to hire someone to form your LLC. If you choose Colorado LLC Attorney for the task, you will get one free year of registered agent service.

  • Costs: $49/year
  • Website
  • Address: Colorado LLC Attorney, 901 Pennsylvania Street, Denver, CO 80203

2. Registered Agent Solutions Inc.

Registered Agent Solutions Inc
Source: Registered Agent Solutions Inc.

Registered Agent Solutions Inc., also known as RASi, is one of the largest registered agent service providers in the country.

The company has offices in all 50 states and the District of Columbia and represents thousands of businesses across the nation.

The price of its registered agent service within the U.S. is $175/year, but volume discounts are available if you need a registered agent in several states.

It’s a good option if you have several foreign LLC registrations.

  • Costs: $175/year
  • Website
  • Address: 36 South 18th Avenue, Suite D, Brighton, CO 80601

3. Registered Agents Inc.

Registered Agents Inc
Source: Registered Agents Inc.

Registered Agents Inc. is another major registered agent service provider.

Not only does this company offer a registered agent service in all 50 states (+DC), but it also powers more than 200 other registered agent service providers with its white-label service.

Unlike some of its competitors, Registered Agents Inc. scans all mail in its local offices instead of sending them to a second location. That allows the company to upload important documents to your online account immediately after receiving them.

Also, one of its regional offices is in Wyoming, so if you ever need help, you won’t have to deal with time zone differences.

  • Costs: $200/year
  • Website
  • Address: 30 N Gould St STE R, Sheridan, WY 82801

4. Colorado Registered Agent LLC

Colorado Registered Agent LLC
Source: Colorado Registered Agent LLC.

Colorado Registered Agent LLC specializes in company incorporation and registered agent services.

The owners of the company are hiking enthusiasts who started this business to fund their mountain hobbies. 17 years later, they still run the business with a “we work to play” philosophy:

“Our goals are to be as good at working as possible, so we can work as little as possible and get outside and play,” explain the owners.

It’s the most affordable Colorado registered agent service on this list. It’s probably safe to say that you can expect the price to remain the same for the foreseeable future.

  • Costs: $35/year
  • Website
  • Address: 1942 Broadway Street, Suite 314C, Boulder, Co, 80302

5. Frontier Registered Agent Services LLC

Frontier Registered Agent Services LLC
Source: Frontier Registered Agent Services LLC.

Frontier Registered Agent Services LLC provides a registered agent service in Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah.

The company has been in business for more than two decades and takes pride in building individual relationships with its clients.

This provider is also known for its quick response time when dealing with customer support requests.

  • Costs: $125/year
  • Website
  • Address: 2120 Carey Avenue, Cheyenne, WY 82001

6. Corp1

Source: Corp1.

Corp1, previously known as Del Corp America, was founded in 1989 and has been providing incorporation services ever since.

The company has offices in Colorado, Delaware, and Wyoming but serves businesses nationwide.

The team also offers other professional services EIN registration, corporate searchers and fillings, and wholesale correspondence services.

  • Costs: $125/year
  • Website
  • Address: 7700 E Arapahoe Rd Suite 200, Centennial, CO 80112

7. CT Corporation

CT Corporation
Source: CT Corporation.

CT Corporation was founded in the 19th century and has served over 300,000 clients since 1892.

Today the company provides a wide variety of legal, corporate, and financial services to domestic and international clients.

It also offers a registered agent service in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

It’s the most expensive registered agent service on our list.

  • Costs: $320/year
  • Website
  • Address: 28 Liberty Street New York City, New York

8. Corporate Filing Solutions

Corporate Filing Solutions
Source: Filings Made Easy.

Corporate Filing Solutions, the company behind the Filings Made Easy brand, provides LLC formation, business compliance, and registered agent services nationwide.

Its Colorado registered agent service costs $95/year when you pay annually, but you can get a substantial discount by paying for several years in advance.

For example, if you pay for five years in advance, it will only cost you $55/year, or $275 total.

  • Costs: $55/year-$95/year
  • Website
  • Address: 8 The Green Suite C Dover, DE 19901

9. Inc Smart

Inc Smart
Source: IncSmart.

IncSmart helps entrepreneurs start, manage, and close a business (if it ever comes to that).

One of the services the company offers is a nationwide registered agent service.

In Colorado, this service costs $49/year when you pay annually, but you can get a 10% discount if you pay for 2 years in advance and a 20% discount if you pay for three years in advance.

  • Costs: $39/year-$49/year
  • Website
  • Address: Las Vegas, NV. 89084, US

10. Registered Agents Legal Services

Registered Agents Legal Services
Source: Registered Agents Legal Services LLC.

Registered Agents Legal Services LLC has been providing various business services nationwide for more than 20 years.

The company’s head office is in Wilmington, Delaware, but its registered agent service is available in all 50 states.

This provider prides itself on its willingness to accommodate unique requests, so it’s an option worth considering if you need extra operational flexibility.

  • Costs: $99/year
  • Website
  • Address: 1013 Centre Road, Suite 403S, Wilmington, DE 19805

National registered agent service providers:

Didn’t find an ideal fit? Then you can also look into these popular national registered agent service providers with fully digital services:

How do I appoint a registered agent in Colorado?

You need to name your registered agent in the Articles of Organization (for an LLC) or Articles of Incorporation (for a corporation). In both cases, you’ll need to add:

  • Registered agent name
  • Registered office address
  • Consent to appointment

How do I change my registered agent in Colorado?

Registered agent details changes have to be recorded with Colorado officials.

Complete the “Statement of Change Changing the Registered Agent Information” form and send it to the Colorado Secretary of State.

Note that there’s a $10 filing fee.

FAQs about Colorado registered agents

Here are the frequently asked questions about registered agent services in Colorado.

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